Accident, Allied Health & Life

We can combine innovative technology with technical expertise to drive sharper for high frequency claims programs.

Features of our services

  • High levels of technical expertise in Accident and Allied Health
  • Experience across loss of income, death, disability, personal accident including sporting and group schemes, travel, ex-pat medical and associated lines of business
  • Flexibility to design project specific claim programs tailored to your needs
  • Tailored on-line reporting to your specifications that gives you control over claims information
  • Responsiveness, availability
  • Compliance with Code and Privacy Act
  • Efficient allocation of costs to the claim (and loss ratio)

Benefits to you

  • Saves you time and money
  • No staffing hassles – we manage the claims and the
  • claim staff
  • Supports your brand and business through a superior
  • claim process
  • Ready access to high levels of specialised technical
  • expertise without the need to create a large claim
  • department
  • Allows you to focus on and build your core business

If this service was an art piece

If this service was an art piece Accident Health is about making the best out of something that is scary and daunting. Just like this piece from the Proclaim Collection:

Ricky Swallow:
Picture a screaming
sculpture 2003.
Piezo pigment print
on Hahnemuhle paper

Ricky Swallow: Picture a screaming sculpture 2003