Australian Insurers

We work with several local insurers where we can partner with them to support their overall service commitments to their customers. Larger insurers commonly use us when they are at peaks in workloads and outsource overflow claims to us- catastrophes, staff movements or temporary or seasonal load variations can cause this. Smaller insurers use us to be their claim management team – access to a pool of expert resources without the cost and hassles of building a claim team.


  • Portfolio management–we can provide tailored solutions for schemes, binder business, and classes of business, segmented business or projects
  • Frequency programs–devising low cost solutions to volume claims, including services within self-insured retentions
  • Runoff- portfolios, classes of business, catastrophe claims
  • Benchmarking and consulting including large loss strategic claim management and audits


  • With our responsiveness, technical expertise and experience in claims we can design programs that save time and money for local insurers. And we can allocate our fees to the cost of the claims; reducing the need for increases in operational spend


  • Additional resources available as and when you need them
  • Cost savings-we can focus on a segment of claims and drive cost reduction by focusing on claims
  • Outsourcing rather than hiring staff also reduces the need for internal operational cost spending