We Have A Great Opportunity To Make A Difference In Peoples Lives.

“Then he almost fell flat on his face on the floor
When I picked up the chalk and drew one letter more!
A letter he never had dreamed of before!
And I said, “You can stop if you want with the Z
Because most people stop with the Z
But not me! “

Our Purpose

We exist to go beyond and make a difference.

Our purpose is to ‘go beyond’ – which is more than just superior service – it is meant to embody an attitude where we want to do more, innovate to find better solutions and engage with customers to ensure they are getting the best possible experience. Going beyond is constantly referenced in rewards for great performance, in our objectives and aspirations, and in the work we do – which often helps people to get back up and running after an accident or adverse event. We are constantly linking behaviours to our purpose and values.


Our Values

Challenge, innovate and simplify

Stretch learn and evolve

Respectful, committed and reliable

 Relentless at being the best

Giving a shit

Making it lighter together

Do Good

We exist to go beyond and make a difference.

Since we started in 1999 we have wanted to have a great working environment. Open plan, light and a little quirky. We want to encourage our staff to think creatively, to challenge the process, create innovative solutions and go beyond in finding solutions for customers.

From 2003 we have been slowly building a corporate art collection to further that objective. The focus is on current contemporary works and it’s intended to build a strong connection between Gertrude artists, alumni and staff and the good folk of Proclaim.

Artists in the collection include Gertrude alumni such as Ricky Swallow, David Noonan, Stieg Persson, Rob McHaffie, Viv Miller, David Jolly, Laith McGregor, Trevelyan Clay, Richard Lewer, Chris Bond, Jackson Slattery, Matt Hinkley, Nick Selenitsch, Esther Stewart, Helen Johnson, Reko Rennie, Sam Martin, Rob McLeish, Kate Just, Jess Johnson and Anne Debono.

We have also acquired one key work per year, either from current Gertude resident artists or from an exhibition at Gertude Street.

Art & Sponsorship

In seeking out a sponsorship opportunity we wanted to marry the creative drive we want in the business with a creative and worthy artistic institution. Since 2003 we have sponsored Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (fondly known as Gertrude Street) via their annual flagship exhibition, Octopus.

Our sponsorship is based on the following criteria:

  • To give something back to the community at large
  • To support emerging talent in the same way people have supported us
  • To foster a partnership which has the potential to be inclusive for staff
  • To provide an opportunity to build the sponsorship into client relationships
  • To build our brand through association with a cutting edge NFP institution
  • To promote creativity and free thinking within the business

As part of our continued sponsorship we also undertake a number of contemporary art excursions for Proclaimers to galleries, artist run spaces, studios and projects. In addition, we have developed a Proclaim corporate collection of artwork largely featuring Gertrude studio artists and alumni.

Like Proclaim, Gertrude is a small company in a large industry succeeding in doing something a little bit different. Proclaim is excited to be partnering one of Australia’s leading cultural facilities and hopes the creative influence will continue to drive us to more innovative solutions for our customers.