Free Training Session


Do you have a number of customer incidents occurring on your premises? In this world of instant communication and notoriety it has never been more important to manage the customer experience in the event of an accident.

Can you have a customer focused incident management process that ensures your brand and your bottom line are protected?

It is possible to implement an incident management system that has at its centre the customer experience while saving time and money on traditional claim management processes.

How can you do that? Proclaim has proven a proactive incident management system coupled with our expertise in triaging and managing risk can prevent PR disasters and insurance blowouts.

Proclaim is offering a free, no obligation 45 minute training session on public liability incident and claim management. In this session we will share our simple and proven methods in managing incidents and claims. We will compare that with traditional methods and the differences in longer term cost and brand damage when you adopt an early intervention approach.

We will also show you how disciplined incident management can help reveal and identify risks that can prevent the big claims occurring.