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Leaping into the world of Insurtech Part 2 – Welcome to our new Data Scientist

To help us confront the challenges  – and opportunities –  that technology can bring to us, we welcome Arulvel Kumar, who joins Proclaim as Senior Data Scientist.

As well as qualifications in electronic engineering and Business Analytics,  Arul comes to us with extensive experience working on data analytics and predictive modelling projects for an international insurer.

Arul will be key in our efforts to

  • Better understand, structure and utilise our data
  • Provide advanced business intelligence for our clients, which we see as more effective insights into claims and risk trends, including advanced visualisation tools
  • Explain correlations between variable factors in claims,  such that we can confidently advance or adapt our business models to statistically proven methods
  • Build predictive models  to assist with better reserving and financial management, through flagging claims with potential high cost or duration for instance, or flagging claims that have fraud indicators
  • Use technology to improve workflow efficiency

While we aren’t expecting a data revolution overnight, as Arul first needs to come to grips with our business models, we hope over the course of the next year to be able to demonstrate some key advances in our use of data to help our clients achieve better results.


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