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Learnings from London Business School…more books to read

London Business School always has amazing resources in their executive education programmes and my experience this year was no different. However this year I seemed to come away with more recommended reading than usual! Here are some of the books I need to get through and why:

Alive at work – Dan Cable

Dan is probably the most inspiring lecturer I have been fortunate to hear. His new book – Alive at work –focuses on how we create meaning in our work and as a result create zest and energy in our teams. It is all about finding ways to turn on people’s seeking systems, and get them away from ‘just a job’ mentality.

Prediction Machines – Agrawal, Gans and Goldrab

We all have to be across this brave new world of Artificial Intelligence and this book explains how it works in simple terms and gives you insights into how to apply it for the benefit of your business.

The Goal – Eli Goldratt

This is a classic business book I have not read before but it fits within Verne Harnish’s focus from his lecture at LBS on identifying the constraints in your industry to inform your strategy.

Uncommon Service – Frances Frei

A book on service focusing on service businesses. How to deliver service excellence by design. Another recommendation from Verne.

The Excellence Dividend – Tom Peters

Because it is Tom Peters, the doyen of business books, and he is reframing his message to comprehend the new tech tide that is breaking over us all.

Hidden Champions of the 21st Century – Hermann Simon

The pricing guru turns his mind to success strategies from unknown leaders – who I hope to know and understand their strategies better after reading the book.

When – Daniel Pink

I am a Pink fan and while this book wasn’t a specific recommendation from LBS, any new thoughts by Daniel Pink are worth exploring. Pink is a bit like Gladwell in that regard – always interesting. This time he tackles timing as a key to success.

Radical Candour – Kim Scott

This book was recommended by another CEO at LBS (thanks Agustin!) as a platform for modern leadership. Kim Scott was a leader at Apple and Google and distils that experience to provide insights in how to get the best out of your people.

So lots to read for the balance of the year!


Written by Jon Broome


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