Lloyd’s London Market


Binders gave us a unique opportunity to show how we are different and how we can get you better results. Given binders are often across a niche industry or type of business, we have the opportunity to tailor procedures for that scheme to improve overall risk exposure and results. While you can expect certain service standards as a minimum, it is the tailoring of our people and our processes to the unique needs of each scheme that makes our solutions different – different and better.


  • Setting up a working process with the underwriter and local coverholder including claims forms and procedures for policyholders
  • Setting up a working panel of experts such as adjusters, lawyers and assessors to ensure best possible support services
  • Sophisticated suite of reporting tools including on-line reports and regular bordereaux production from our dedicated bordereaux specialist
  • Trust accounting from dedicated qualified accountants
  • Relationships with dedicated Account Managers and their managers
  • Data analysis including graphical reports on trends and benchmarking against industry trends – forming the basis of meaningful reviews with coverholders and underwriters


  • Unrivalled results
  • Outstanding service to you, your coverholders and policy holders and brokers
  • Valuable financial and risk management information
  • Trust in our performance. We understand the trust element is critical when our clients are so far away


Our objective with our open market services is for underwriters and claims staff in Lloyd’s to access an easy, reliable, expert and cost effective claims resource on the ground in Australia for open market claims across liability, professional liability and property classes.


  • A local claims agent who can be a reference point for local brokers (and London brokers)
  • A Local claims agent who can triage incidents and claims when they first arise
  • Local expertise – legally qualified Account Managers who can navigate the maze of different rules applying to liability claims in each state
  • Local knowledge – experienced Account Managers who can advise underwriters of any local issues : A set of eyes on the ground to fill in the blanks
  • Easy access to a panel of experts supporting claim management who can be retained in certain circumstances
  • Recommendations on claim strategy in early stages of claim, and a guide to exposure
  • On volume accounts – a proven claim system for under excess claims
  • For multiple open market accounts we can provide a coordinated and dedicated reporting system


  • Significant cost and time savings through a quicker, expert response – at no cost to set up. We only charge if claims arise