Our People

Growth & Development. Cultivate talent.

At Proclaim growth is a core value. Both growth in our business, which affords greater opportunities to our team to lead and develop, and growth in our people. Every Proclaimer has a development plan as an OKR (objective and key results) that is reviewed fortnightly at scheduled check ins with a manager.

We are currently running both an emerging leaders programme and a  mentoring programme to fast track our teams growth. In addition, we have regular scheduled company wide training across a range of subjects, all aimed at helping you succeed in your role. 

Training programs


“Having a mentor has really provided me with an opportunity to understand situations from a more experienced perspective.”

As someone new to the insurance side of the finance industry, the mentorship program gave me the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of the claim management process and the full lifecycle of a claim. More than that, David has been a terrific influence and been able to provide invaluable feedback and advice for my career. I will treasure the life experiences and lessons learnt through this programme

“My experience as a mentee is that my mentor has been enthusiastic and able to share similar experiences, knowledge and expertise together with regular catch ups so that I can build professional networks, improve communication skills, learn new ways of thinking and ultimately advance in my career path with Proclaim.”

Emerging Leaders Programme

The Emerging Leaders programme has been a great opportunity for me to discover my strengths and weaknesses are as a new leader and be able to work on both improving and enhancing these skills. It was been a great eye opener as to what type of leader I want to be led by, as well as what type of leader I wish to become.

The programme has provided me with a greater understanding of how important it is that your people feel valued, heard and empowered to do their best work. It has equipped me with a greater awareness of myself, what I can offer and to see leadership as a privilege and opportunity through which I can help others. It has given me a real appreciation of the values-driven culture centred on empathy that Proclaim is all about.

Do Good

We exist to go beyond and make a difference.

Imbued in our purpose is to do good….and that is not only in the customer experience, but in the wellbeing and development of our people too, and the way we interact and work within our community.

We have been sponsoring Gertrude Contemporary for 20 years, one of Australia’s cutting edge artistic programmes, providing much needed studio and exhibition space for some of Australia’s leading emerging artists. Like Proclaim, Gertrude is a small company in a large industry succeeding in doing something a little bit different.

Proclaim has also been a sponsor of Cabrini’s Lets beat bowel cancer campaign for 15 years, providing much needed support for research into bowel cancer.

We also have a Corporate Social Responsibility committee ensuring we stay true to our purpose, and support a volunteering programme  and various other social justice initiatives.    Volunteering with organisations like Mirabel and Sacred Heart allow us to give something back and gain some  perspective at the same time.   


We have always aimed to provide workplace flexibility for our team. Covid has formalised that into a new working model where we aim to create the office of the future. Our model strives to find the best  way to work  – collaboration in a great workspace while you are in the office, and task based work from home. Most of our team will be encouraged to adopt a 3 day in office and 2 days at home model, but this will vary by role and experience…we aren’t punching the clock anymore!    While we remain a collaborative company and committed to an office we are equally committed to flexibility and work life balance.   

Alumni, Boomerangs

We grow people and help them develop their strengths. While we like to keep everyone,  some of our people get great opportunities outside Proclaim. Some return as well. During the Covid period, we have had 7 people return – ‘boomerangs ‘as we call them. We love to stay in touch with past Proclaimers, and our boomerangs say a lot about our culture. It’s why we embrace alumnis.  If you worked at Proclaim and want to join our alumni programme, please contact us.