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Proclaim and the gender pay gap  


Proclaim was interested to see that financial services had the second worst gender pay gap, at 26%, behind construction at 32%.

We have always been very proud of our diversity and the fact we tend to be weighted heavily towards females over our history. While the gender pay gap doesn’t measure diversity, a diverse work force is a good start to achieving a better pay gap  outcome.

At Proclaim  our gender pay gap is 5.7%.  While this is an excellent result against our peers in the insurance industry, we acknowledge that 5% is considered the benchmark so we need to continue to work towards better.  

We understand that as a company with fewer than 100 employees this survey was not built for us. We also understand that it is difficult to achieve gender parity based on the current test, as it isn’t testing comparable salaries in similar roles, but the median salary for males and females. So if you are predominantly female, it means you are likely to have more women at all levels of the organisation, but if your men may play predominantly in technical or tech roles, the numbers skew in the mid levels.

I have seen companies boasting about a double figure percentage gender pay gap, so I think we can afford to not be too hard on ourselves. With the industry at 26% and Proclaim at 5.7%, maybe we can say to all talent out there that we provide a great and diverse place to work and value your skills and character for just what they are, not your gender.

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