Project Runoff



Focus brings cost reduction and faster timelines.

Proclaim is excited to announce a new dedicated runoff service that will bring focus to existing claims and create a strategy for each that fits within a targeted overall strategy for the legacy portfolio. You can create targets, KPIs and service provider panels that are suited to the runoff business.

We have called it PROject, in a nod to what we see as the crucial aspect of any runoff assignment – being that it really is about project management.  When we contemplate the transfer of a portfolio of claims, expect an exhaustive set of steps that are required to even get to the claim management piece – and then a set of tight time lines and targets to ensure the project stays on track.

We have set up a dedicated team to manage legacy claims and runoff projects. Maria Rosman has re-joined us to manage this new team.  We are excited about the value a focus on these claims can bring, while we are equally excited that the existing teams will no longer ride the cycle of up and down resourcing when a new runoff project comes in.

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Focus brings cost reduction and faster timelines.

Project Management

A focus on desired outcomes with KPIs on service, targets and timelines driving performance​


Extensive initial and ongoing reserve and strategy analysis by experienced project leads inform and drive cost effective resolutions​

Data Driven

Data informs our approach and data will create targets; our reporting will provide insights for you into the success of the project​


"I am impressed by Proclaim’s efficient, intelligent and proactive dealings with our clients and claimants – we are delighted with their service and the results it achieves and would recommend them to anyone."
Campbell Flack
General Counsel at Frank Knight

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The favour of focus – the edge in successful runoff claim management

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