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There's a popular Chinese proverb that says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

We haven’t wasted a crisis during Covid! We have undertaken a full digital transformation. We have scoped our process from back to front, and with our software development partners, built a leading edge, integrated digital claims platform. Our claims system, Propel, is a  modern, elegant claim system that will help us deliver amazing customer experiences and also enable stronger connection  to our clients.

We are determined to be a leader in technology, as well as a leader in empathy.  While our tech will drive better user and customer experiences, it will still be driven by our people…

Data Analytics

Our data visualisation software can provide you with superior insights into your claims and risk portfolio. We bring data to life and through dashboards can guide you on:

  • Risk identification
  • Performance metrics 
  • Benchmarking


We can pull your unstructured data into a coherent package, enabling you to  interrogate your claim portfolio performance. The data analytics can also reveal the profile of claims – types of damage or injuries sustained, causes, locations by State – we capture a vast range of fields to help you understand your risk. The power of Power Bi is in the specific questions it can answer – through clever use of filters you can focus on variables like claims under, over or within a certain value, or focus on variables like date, cause, location, type…and see what is revealed. Our Data Scientist can help you with not only asking the right questions but also interrogate and drive into areas of interest.

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