Training & Consulting Services


We can provide tailored consulting and training services across all general lines of insurance, and all styles of business. Our consulting projects have included:

Features of our services:

  • Audits of reserves
  • Process reviews
  • Benchmarking services
  • Whole of business review including team engagement, workloads, reserve, process and benchmarking results
  • Training in public liability incident management
  • Industry presentations with a line of business focus

Benefits to you:

  • Training sessions for companies and their operational staff on public liability incident management including incident response, information management, claims 101 and how to manage claimants and claims to best possible outcomes
  • Claim reserve reviews for self-insurers
  • Claim process and performance reviews including benchmarking analysis
  • Claims business operational effectiveness – business improvement

If this service was an art piece:

If this service was an art piece: Because sometimes practice is not enough and you need to understand the whys. Practice can help then! Just like this piece from the Proclaim collection.

Nick Selenitsch – Multiple rebounds – 2006