Unlock the value of your data


Our data visualisation software can provide you with superior insights into your claims and risk portfolio. We bring data to life and through dashboards can guide you on:

  • Risk identification
  • Performance metrics 
  • Benchmarking
Superior insights
Unlock the value of your data


We can pull your unstructured data into a coherent package, enabling you to  interrogate your claim portfolio performance. The data analytics can also reveal the profile of claims – types of damage or injuries sustained, causes, locations by State – we capture a vast range of fields to help you understand your risk. The power of Power Bi is in the specific questions it can answer – through clever use of filters you can focus on variables like claims under, over or within a certain value, or focus on variables like date, cause, location, type…and see what is revealed. Our Data Scientist can help you with not only asking the right questions but also interrogate and drive into areas of interest.


We can provide visual reporting or spreadsheets – our Data Scientist can guide you on what is fit for purpose. 

Filters  can be applied to look at specific claim values, date ranges, or if you want to focus in on an injury type, or  specific State, that can be easily reported. Or if you have multiple locations,  we can analyse claims by where they arise. The possibilities are only limited by the data. 

Our data analysis will help you make better decisions.


What is data driven?

We think it’s where your business model comprehends the importance and value of data, and as a result you take extra steps to ensure data integrity is part of the model that is at the centre of your business.