Medical Malpractice

Proclaim has core experience in bodily injury claims and claims made insurance policies. Combined with legal experience in medical negligence cases, we can work with hospitals and Allied Health professionals to protect your brand and reputation and reduce you claims costs.

Features of our services:

  • Effective incident identification and reporting – goal of notification within 24 hours
  • Educating staff and senior management on how to proactively manage incidents that might give rise to a claim, and how to respond to actual claims
  • Expertise at the desk including bodily injury and clinical experience
  • Triage and where appropriate early investigation
  • Risk management – Identifying recurring problems and trends in claims so that we can work with you to minimise risks arising in future.

Benefits of our services:

  • Cost containment through early, expert assessment of claims
  • Time savings – we do the heavy lifting
  • Loss reporting that enables the right risk decisions
  • Trust funds and delegated authority so you get involved in decisions at a level where your involvement is justified – so saves you time
  • Savings on legal costs
  • For Insurers – Lloyd’s compliant reporting