Professional Liability


These classes of claims require technical expertise combined with commercial acumen to simplify and cut through often complicated claim scenarios.

Features of our services:

  • Experience – We have been established in Australia managing liability and professional liability claims for over 18 years
  • Technical expertise – our Account Managers are legally qualified – so they combine legal skills with our proactive commercial approach
  • Responsiveness – Our clients value their relationship with their Account Managers
  • Dynamic reporting tailored to you needs

Benefits to you:

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings – we take care of it for you and you can trust us to do that
  • Brand protection through better claim handling
  • Better control over your risk and overall financial exposure

If this service was an art piece:

If this service was an art piece

Professional Indemnity claims are often about untangling a nasty mess – like this piece from the Proclaim collection:

Chris Bond – Cassette 2010 Graphite on paper