Sometimes, extraordinary circumstances demand an extraordinary response. Proclaim has extensive experience in a wide range of time critical claim management projects. These projects are different to our usual claim services as they tend to be of limited duration and require intensive planning and resourcing prior to commencement of the project.

Features of our services:

  • Events – You may have a huge upcoming event that requires a dedicated claim service
  • Cat claims – Spike in volume of claims
  • Portfolio transfer – Underperforming claim agent or collapse of an underwriting agent or claim agent
  • Portfolio runoff – where focus is required to a run off book of business
  • Experts in project management across all lines of business including property, motor, liability and professional liability

Benefits to you:

  • Same level and consistency of service as you receive in our day to day claim management
  • A mix of current and recruited staff to ensure quality of service
  • Quick set up of lodgement and processing systems including on line claim lodgement facilities management
  • We have sharp service standards which ensure quick assessment and approval of any claims
  • We pride ourselves on the early assessment of recovery prospects and initiating recoveries
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