Property & Motor


Because in cases of lost or damaged property we have a unique opportunity to show that we care and apply our expertise and skills to make a real difference.

Features of our services:

  • Responsiveness
  • Relationship with dedicated Account Manager
  • Technical expertise with experienced Account Managers
  • Proactive model promoting rapid response
  • Dynamic, tailored reporting to control your risk
  • Supporting network of adjusters and assessors
  • Infrastructure and 19 years experience

Benefits to you:

  • Cost savings
  • Savings in time
  • Brand protection
  • Control over your risk

If this service was an art piece:

If this service was an art piece

Property and motor claims can be all about natural disasters, weather events or dumb luck. Just like this piece from the Proclaim collection.

Viv Miller –
Volcano 2004 –Oil,
enamel, acrylic
and pencil on canvas