Who We Do It For

Producing the best results for all

We provide outsourced claim management services across all lines of commercial general insurance to two main classes of clients – first, self-insured larger companies like Property Trusts and large retailers (corporate), and insurance companies and their underwriting agents (insurance). A large portion of our services are provided on behalf of Lloyd’s of London and their various underwriting syndicates. Claims is generally a neglected part of an unsexy industry, yet more than 70% of industry spend is usually in claims. With a progressive model coupling sharp people and smart technology it is possible to provide a better customer experience while saving our clients time and money. Our purpose is to go beyond to achieve that.

Lloyd’s – London Market

Binders gave us a unique opportunity to show how we are different and how we can get you better results. Given binders are often across a niche industry or type of business, we have the opportunity to tailor procedures for that scheme to improve overall risk exposure and results. While you can expect certain service standards as a minimum, it is the tailoring of our people and our processes to the unique needs of each scheme that makes our solutions different – different and better.

Australian Insurers

We work with several local insurers where we can partner with them to support their overall service commitments to their customers. Larger insurers commonly use us when they are at peaks in workloads and outsource overflow claims to us- catastrophes.

Underwriting Agents/Coverholders

Underwriting agents and coverholders generally exist to provide sharper services to niche markets in insurance. The expertise in agents often lies in technical underwriting and their ability to provide quick turnaround and meet their customers’ expectations. Claim management is generally not a core competency of an underwriting agent or coverholder. Claims can be a distraction and the technical and reporting requirements can often be beyond their capabilities.

Insurance Brokers

We are happy to assist insurance brokers with designing claims programs for clients with self-insured retentions, aggregate deductibles or captive programs and volume claims responses. We also assit with analysis of claim experience and benchmarking consulting on best practice claim models


We work with many companies who have a self-insured retention, or deductible or aggregate deductible and companies who have a volume of claims against them. They tend to dedicate significant management and staff time to dealing with claims and canbe frustrated at lack of control of their claims situation, requiring a better solution than traditional claim management.